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.Net library to convert Text, RTF documents to HTML 3.2, 4.01, HTML5 with CSS and XHTML using C# and VB.Net
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23 October 2014

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This DLL library for .NET environment provides functionality to convert RTF documents into HTML.

The RTF-to-HTML DLL .Net library helps build functionality into your applications to provide conversion of Text, RTF documents to HTML 3.2, 4.01, HTML5 with CSS and XHTML using C# and VB.Net programming. The DLL components could be downloaded and they come with detailed documentation. Code sample are provided to illustrate the integration process. They have even included a demo that shows you how quickly the conversion could be done. To make it simple to test your application for the specific functionality, test files are also provided. The component is created in managed C# and is absolutely standalone. There is no need to have MS Office or any other word-processor in the machine for this library to work. Using this library you can easily create any type of a 32-bit or 64-bit .NET application including ASP.NET, Azure, Silverlight, WPF, SharePoint, Web Services and WinForms.

This is a multi-platform component and you could build applications with “Mono” platform for Linux, Mac and Android. To start building your application all you need is to copy "SautinSoft.RtfToHtml.dll" into `bin` directory. There are no dependencies to take care of. It is compatible with .Net platform (.Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc.). The tool offers he capabilities of adjusting the output HTML, XHTML or Text as required. Support is available for adjustments of font face, color and size; tables; embedded images (png, jpg, wmf), CSS, bullet lists, hyperlinks, italic, bold and underline text; subscript and superscript text; 20 types of encodings (UTF-8, Windows-1251, ISO-8859-2 etc.) and other HTML tags. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

RTF-to-HTML DLL .Net is a .NET component which allows you to efficiently convert. The new version is 100% compatible with Windows 8
RTF to HTML. Platform-independent, it also offers support for various formatting options,
preserving the styles and layouts of your original RTF files.
The component has methods to convert between files, strings, array of bytes, memory stream objects.
Images can be extracted from RTF and saved to HDD as physical files or stored in memory or stored inside HTML using base64 algorithm.
Using our component allows you to adjust these properties in RTF to HTML converting
-Specify output format: HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.01, HTML5, Text
-Where to link images to physical file on HDD or inside HTML document
-Converting with CSS or without CSS
-Save CSS between tags
-Specify encoding of output HTML
-Title and set up converting only part of HTML
-Set united font, size and color for document
-Specify table borders
-Set single measurement units: pixels, points, mm, ems, inches.
-Set prefix to style class names in HTML
-Default tags for paragraphs
And a lot of other fun properties which allows you to make HTML document as you wish
RTF-to-HTML DLL .Net is a .NET component allowing you to easily and efficiently convert RTF
to HTML. Targeted at professional web developers, this component is platform-independent and supports both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. The only requirements are to have .Net 1.1 or later installed. The component also creates small size HTML files quickly and has full support for a wide range of formatting options.
Version 4.5.9
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